CPU Collectors

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Chiefish.com      Carls collection in the USA
cpucollection.se      Thomas`s collection from Sweden. Tradelist
     Excellent picture data base and some info on Processors. Members can
     upload  images. Site managed by Thomas.
     Gennadiy`s large collection of x86 and other cpu`s. Site includes Forum and
      lots of info.
     Grampa`s collection of x86 and other cpu`s. Site includes Forum.
     Mat`s collection and tradelist from Sweden
     Franz Merkima`s collection of Intel cpu`s. Some very rare ones.
     Dirk`s collection of all types of processors from Germany.Tradelist
     Borris`s collection and tradelist from Germany
     Thomas Dvorak collection and tradelist from Czech Republic.
     Anthony`s collection and tradelist from France.
     Yann`s collection and tradelist in French.
    Job`s tradelist and x86 collection from Netherlands 
   John`s large collection of cpu`s and other chips. Tradelist and info.
    Edgar`s collection and tradelist from Germany.
      Didier's collection in Corsica. Intel only.
 Norm Anheier      Norm`s collection and tradelist.
     Vinicio`s collection from Italy in Italian. Not all up and running.
    Jerome`s nice collection and info from France.
    A very nice growing collection from England.Tradelist to come.
      Christian Siebert`s collection. German
   Peters collection from Austria. English. Lots of info.Tradelist
     Site managed by Christian Bassow. Lots of info and excellent pictures.
     Marcins collection in Polish and English.
     Igors collection from Ukraine. Excellent articles on Russian chips.
    Nice collection from Russia
    Hugo`s new site from China.
    Michefe`s collection from Italy. Italian and English
 Smith's Chips                         
    Chris Smiths Intel collection from Australia. Very extensive
 CPU Grave Yard                         
    Jeff`s very nice collection. USA
    Johns collection and for sale list. Canada